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  Meet your Travel Concierge and Escape Artist!  

Stop looking.

Take a break.

You need a travel agent who will filter through and evaluate all of the hundreds of travel offers available.

Think of us as your PERSONAL travel concierge! 

Whatever your next adventure is - oceans, mountains, waterways, cities, ancient mysteries or modern marvels - we will get you there.

We ENJOY learning what experience our clients hope to have on each of their travel adventures.  We THRIVE on finding the perfect destination, transportation, tour, cruise, excursion, special event and minute detail that will make those hopes and dreams a reality for every single client.

Shouldn't we be working for YOU?


Bill and Linda say . . .

Where do you go when you dream?

Are you sitting in the sun, smelling the sea, hearing the surf and gulls, wiggling your toes in warm sandy beaches? 

Are you quickly photographing an abrupt and startling encounter as you explore exotic locations? 

Perhaps you are learning the smells, recognizing the sounds, absorbing the culture of your heritage as you wander in a once foreign, now familiar land? 

Or are you floating quietly in a living sea of color that is swimming in front, behind and around you as silvery air bubbles rise to the surface?

Are you weightless, floating down a mountainside, tasting air that is as crisp as an icicle, carving perfect turns in the fresh snow?

Oh, that rare, wonderful elation, when you realize that everything, right this moment, is perfect.  

You dream, we deliver.

Bill and Linda say . . .

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